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List of JS Bundlers ๐Ÿš€

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ยทJan 12, 2021ยท

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List of JS Bundlers

In my previous article about ES6 tree shaking a reader commented suggesting that I add a list of bundlers that support tree shaking to the bottom of the article. Instead I am going to create a list of JS bundlers.

  1. Webpack

  2. Rollup

  3. Parcel

  4. esbuild

  5. SWC

  6. Pax

  7. Bundl

  8. Klap

  9. Brunch

  10. Microbundle

  11. Packem

  12. Lasso

  13. Browserify

  14. FuseBox

  15. Metro

  16. Module Concat

  17. Bit Bundler

  18. SystemJS Builder

  19. Steal

  20. Blade Runner

  21. Rome

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Feel free to suggest any more bundlers that I can add to the list in the comments!

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